In a House Made of Sticks, 140cm x 100cm, Oil on canvas, 2014

Based on a story published in the Gisborne Herald many years ago by my sister:

Story written by Katherine O’Leary, 5.5 years

I am a bird. I make my house with a bunch of sticks and grass and warm mud and feathers and I make my nest in a tree and that’s where my eggs go because birds live in trees. And that’s where they live because they don’t live in houses so they live in trees. Because people live in houses. Birds don’t live in houses, people do. And animals live anywhere but they don’t live in houses. We live in houses. People do live in houses, not animals. That’s how God made this world and He made the trees for the birds. He made flowers for the bees. He made everything for everyone. God mostly made it for the birds and they wanted it.